Expected behavior of Deferral Policies

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In our client's environment, we mange 7 business units that approve Changes at different times. Between the 7 business units, we may have as much as 6 weeks between deployment start dates for the same policy. This is causing us some problems when using policies with deferral deadlines. The client's requirement is that all business units need to have a deferral option of at least two weeks before the policy's deferral deadline. As we do not want to have multiple policies for the same payload, we are looking for help from the community.

In order to get the client to approve the deferral option, we will need to know what the expected behavior is for this last scenario. As we are pressed for time, we wanted to see if anyone else has already tested or used deferral policies in this manner.

Here is the scenario we are looking to find the expected behavior for:

We set a policy with a deferral deadline to a specific date with a specific set of targeted systems. The user of a targeted system, defers the policy until the deferral deadline, then the system is offline until after we have changed the deferral deadline to a later date to accommodate an additional set of targets.

What is the expected behavior for the system that deferred for the initial deferral deadline?

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Has anyone been using the Deferral option?

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@johnmcnair we're using the deferral option but there is a product issue (PI-002338) that currently is causing it to not function properly.