Export Last Enrolled Device Infos



Asset IT teams would like to receive a notification once a device is enrolled in Jamf.

Required infos: 

  • User ID
  • Device Asset Tag
  • Device S/N

Any idea how to satisfy this request ?

1) How to auto-populate an online Sharepoint sheet?

2) Can we export to excel sheet and on a shared smb ?

3) Can an API used to fulfil a web tool ?

4) ....

Any other trick is welcome

Note: Create and email an inventory report was not approved.


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You could always set up the Asset IT team a view only Jamf Account and set it to receive smart group member change notifications, and select "Send email notification on membership change." in that smart group.

The asset IT team will be automatically notified of new memberships of that group with the device name and a link to the device inventory page where they can get any of the data about the device they want.

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Two caveats to this:

  • To get group change emails they will need to have a local JAMF account, JAMF cannot send smart group change emails to accounts with access using LDAP groups
  • If a JAMF Account checks the box for email notifications for smart group changes, they get notifications for every smart group that has the flag checked which may be unnecessary noise

A Smart Inventory Search set to automatically report daily seems to be much better. However wont be the instant satisfaction they are wanting which seems obsessive to me. Smart groups is the only way to deliver an instant notification. Though I hope they enjoy all the other notifications they get from every smart group that has reporting enabled :).


Hello @AJPinto , @mickgrant 

Compagny has stopped using SMTP.

Is using API the only way remaining? Any idea how to link the API with MS Azure?


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JAMF has pretty robust documentation on their API, and you can tinker with it by going to your serverURL/API. However as far as integration with Azure that is something I would say check with Microsoft on. We have our JAMF API linked with Service Now and Splunk, we have had no need to link it to Azure so I cannot really give any useful information.