Export Self-Service list

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Greetings all. I am wondering if there is a way to export the app list from self service into a excel sheet or similar doc type. Trying to provide the ever updating list of what apps are available in self service.



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You could do a Dump from the API - of all your policies.

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For those who have not done that before, how would i go about?

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@sietsemaeri What information on the policies were you looking to get into an export? How you go about this in the API is somewhat dependent on what you expect to see in the results.

Another option you can try is the JSS Summary (not sure if it's still called that in the latest releases) This is usually found after clicking the gear icon and then JSS Information or similar on the left navigation bar. Then uncheck everything except the Policies checkbox in the Computers section and finally, click Create. This will get you an on screen text output of all your policies and their respective settings. You should be able to then copy/paste that into a text editor and get just the Self Service ones from it.

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EZ export would be useful. +1

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I ended up copying and pasting a list of our policies in Jamf into a Word document, and then stripping out anything that wasn't Self Service.