Export the Network Segments

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We have about 180 network segments in our environment with more added constantly. Is there a way to export our current list of segments to compare against? I noticed the Subnet Importer plugin, but it despite the "export" button, it only imports from CSV to the JSS, not "export" from the JSS to CSV.


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I'd look at the API for that. It shows all Network Segments, names and starting/ending IP ranges. Might take a little bit of digging to get it formatted correctly, but it should be possible to "export" them out to a csv formatted file.

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The API Endpoint would be as follows:


It returns by default in XML format and spits out the segment id, name, starting address and ending address.

Once you get the results, if you are looking for a one time export then you could use something like http://xmlgrid.net/xml2text.html