Extension Attribute to find out the Casper Imaging configuration used

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Just wondering if we can have an Extension Attribute to find out the Casper Imaging configuration/smart configuration used for imaging on a computer.


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You could, but what you may want to do is a Miles Leacy special. aka the "dummy package."

Basically, you lay down a file that has a .pkg extension on it in Casper's receipts area. So for instance you may have a script that runs at imaging that does

touch /Library/Application Support/JAMF/Receipts/MyConfigurationName1.0.pkg

Then you'd have a smart group that looks for a particular receipt. That way you know what machines got what configuration.

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Yeah, that's basically what we do, except we don't do a package. but lay down a hidden file or directory with some name or text included in it that can be read back in later with an EA. Something like a `cat /.build/buildname/` Works well enough.

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Thanks guys.

Just wondering if anyone has a script which retrieves the imaging configuration used at the imaging time and writes in to a file automatically.
By doing that we don't need to manually create a file or package receipt command.

Does JSS write the imaging configuration used at imaging to any log file or something locally?