EyeTV packaging

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Has anyone tried to package EyeTV and programmatically complete its setup assistant? The EyeTV software is drag and drop, but on first launch, it prompts for the activation key and some other options.

After completing the setup assistant, it creates the following files, so I know it's possible to do, but short of a bunch of trial and error, I don't know what's needed and what it can figure out itself.


I've been modifying a snapshot that was done for this for the past 2 updates, but I hate snapshots and I keep thinking that there must be a better (not necessarily easier) solution.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Finding this as the only thread on JAMF Nation to discuss EyeTV, I am sharing my experiences current as of EyeTV 3.6.9. It can be deployed via CasperSuite, but seems finicky. The wrong combination of preference files in the package has caused my users to encounter administrative password prompts, setup assistant prompts, and once it may have triggered excessive processor utilization.

My successful package includes:
- /Applications/EyeTV.app
- /Library/Application Support/EyeTV/
- /Library/QuickLook/QuickLookEyeTV.qlgenerator
- /Library/QuickTime/EyeTV MPEG Support.component
- /System/Library/Extensions/EyeTVAfaTechHidBlock.kext
- /System/Library/Extensions/EyeTVCinergy450AudioBlock.kext
- /System/Library/Extensions/EyeTVCinergyXSAudioBlock.kext
- /System/Library/Extensions/EyeTVEmpiaAudioBlock.kext
- /System/Library/Extensions/EyeTVVoyagerAudioBlock.kext

Simultaneously, I deploy a separate package with the preferences and channel list that includes:
- ~/Library/Preferences/com.elgato.eyetv.devices.plist
- ~/Library/Preferences/com.elgato.eyetv.plist
- Users/Shared/Library/Preferences/com.elegato.eyetv.devices.plist
- Users/Shared/Library/Preferences/com.elegato.eyetv.plist

The second package could probably be cleaned-up, but this works for my small EyeTV inventory.

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I don't remember what I ended up doing, but I can say for certain that they have paths to preferences and other files within their preferences, so if you deploy those keys to users, they may be prompted for credentials in order to save into those directories.