Failed verification for downloaded package

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I uploaded package(DMG file that was supplied by a vendor) to JSS server.
Upload looks to have completed successfully, but failed policy to install this package.

This is the error in log.

$sudo jamf policy 
Checking for policies triggered by "recurring check-in" for user "xxxx"...
Executing Policy test_dmg_deploy_20180417
Verifying DMG...
Error: Could not verify the downloaded package. 1
Error: foo.dmg is corrupt.
Checking for patches...
No patch policies were found.
Submitting log to https://xxx/

Note.Download URL are valid,but failed verification for downloaded package.

I take steps in order to solve this problem, I choosed in JSS setting Settings > Computer Management > Security > Package Validation = Never

I choosed in JSS setting by references from this site
Perform package verification AFTER downloading

However, I changed the setting, but the problem did not solve it.
I want to solve the problem without repackageing package(DMG file that was supplied by a vendor).
I hope it helps!


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@Yamashiro Unless your vendor supplied a .dmg specifically intended to be distributed via Jamf Pro it isn't going to work for installation via a Policy. The .dmg packages created by Jamf Composer have a specific folder structure that's required. If you have a .dmg that simply contains an application you want to install in the root directory of the disk image you will need to re-package it.

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Thanks! @sdagley When repackaging vendor supplied a .dmg file with Jamf Composer, "Scripts", "Settings", "Snapshots" folders were created.
I would like some information about the specific folder structure.

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The folder structure should match the target, ie. if you were distributing an application then the root of your DMG should have /Applications/