Fast Push Notifications This Morning

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Good morning nation,

I have noticed this morning that push notifications are being created and going through immediately once I queue something up on our JSS. The last few weeks have been a headache as it takes 1-5 minutes for things to go through. Was using the 'queue a command and also send a blank push' trick but it was still slow. This morning I don't even have to blank push it and the commands are done by the time I can make it to the management/history tab to check on them.

Has this been anyone else's experience or is it just us? Really interested to know because the speed at which actions occur after being queued up can make JAMF Pro/Apple a headache or a blessing. I am ready to point the initial blame in Apple's direction as usual. We are in Eastern NC here. No changes to server in the past few weeks.


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After working all day, I am going to say yes, Push Notifications are VERY fast today.
I just sent a wipe to a device sitting next to me and it was INSTANT

I too have made no server changes (JSS 9.98.1492810864) and unlikely there were any network changes at this time of year...
Seems like an Apple Breakthrough to me as well, hopefully whatever they fixed will stay that way!

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Thanks for your input @Sandy

We are back in slowville today--taking over 5 minutes between when I scope something to a single iPad until it goes through. Its frustrating knowing that it can be nearly instant but having to deal with it being slow a majority of the time. Specifically I am measuring the time it takes to send a config profile that I use to "break" iPads out of guided access. Same config profile, same school, same time of day as yesterday, same network utilization, same processor utilization on servers.

When it's slow like this, the JAMF Pro web GUI shows the command queued up, but with no "Date of Last Push Notification".