Feedback on JAMF Pro 11 UI from our servicedesk chat


One picture says it all:




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Yes, a dark mode would be much appreciated.

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I'm glad we have Jamf cloud premium and can hold off on moving to Jamf Pro 11.x. I'm planning to wait as long as I can before we upgrade, in the hopes Jamf gives us a Dark mode.

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Some of the visual changes in Jamf Pro 11 are a bit "bright", but there are some things that 11.0/11.0.1 bring to the table that make it a mandatory update for my org:

  • A fix for the Azure AD/Intune Device Compliance integration issue introduced in JSS 10.50 that causes devices to occasionally be flagged as not registered.
  • Support for Declarative Device Management forced macOS updates in macOS Sonoma which finally brings a functional mechanism to force macOS updates by a specific deadline even if the user never acknowledges any of the prompts that an update is pending. Unfortunately Jamf still hasn't implemented the companion DDM feature to specify a minimum macOS version for enrollment, or announced what version of JSS it might arrive in.

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I'd settle for shady mode at this point...holy cripes.

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Looks like there is already a feature request for a dark mode that is planned. So we may have it before 2049.

Dark Mode for the Jamf Pro Web Admin | Jamf Nation Feature Requests

Dark mode or themes in Jamf Pro 11 | Jamf Nation Feature Requests

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I went there thinking maybe I hadn't already upvoted this, but of course I did (the older FR the recent one was merged with) I'm not sure who is coming up with decisions like going full throttle blinding white with Jamf Pro 11, but seriously, have some consideration for our eyes!

Check out how to enable the dark mode

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Not just dark mode, but branding for portals.  When you support more than one cloud instance, it would be great to not have to use style sheets to differentiate them.

I've made mistakes when i've had more than one jamf cloud instance open.

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No dark mode... My eyes hurt a lot !

And why did they change the way we can switch between computers, devices, users and settings ? It's not practical as I often need to open a new window or tab and use the shortcuts for that (command + click or command + shift + click, etc...). As Computers, devices, users and settings are no more hyperlinks, I can't do that anymore. Moreover, you may think that you are in the computers configuration profiles but you are in fact in the devices configuration profiles...

About the dashboard,it may be interesting to show all computers / devices or unmanaged computers / devices by clicking on the numbers in the inventory information like we can do with the smartgroups.

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That picture says it all, lol! I was super surprised to still not see this feature added. My eyes are craving it and I really don't want to have to do the workaround..

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Seriously, I don't know how they thought this was a good idea- the new UI is whiter than I am. And that feature request is ridiculous. Thread created in 2019, feature planned, and their new UI releases with an ultra-light but no dark mode. Whoever designed this might want to take Web Design 101 again.

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I am still cracking up at this hours later. 🤣🤣🤣

They probably have to prioritize things so Jamf is still functional. I am appreciative that they have a feedback mechanism and that Jamf is receptive to suggestions.

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I signed into Jamf Pro today and thought my UI was bugged it was so bad.  I want some of whatever the UX team is smoking...