FileVault 2 Config Profile

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Hi Jamf Nation,

We are working on completing our imaging process using Jamf. Part of the process is to push a Config Profile which enables FileVault 2. We have a separate one set up for the escrow of the recovery key. What we are having trouble with however is the user only seems to be prompted to enable FileVault at the time of logout/shutdown. We have set a policy to force a reboot after the last packages have been installed as part of imaging. For some reason when we force a reboot via policy it does not prompt the user to enable FileVault. The only way to enable it seems to be for the user to voluntary log out or reboot. Is this expected behaviour? Any advice regarding how we can force FileVault to be enabled as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated.

Here is some additional info regarding our Imaging process: We are utilising Splashbuddy to push out our packages. The final policy in the Splashbuddy workflow forces a reboot after 1minute (after the last package has finished installing). The FileVault 2 config Profile is pushed to all machines by default as set by the scope of the Profile.


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Not sure if this will be helpful so many months later, but to trigger policies via reboot/logout you'll need to script the reboot/logout to run as the logged in user.