Filevault issue

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I've been tasked to roll out File Vault to the Macintoshes and I've run into a problem that exists on my own Macintosh.

I've got a config profile that will enable FV2 on a logout, which upon logout, prompts me for my password so I can be added to the Filevault. When I run fdesetup list, shows me as already being the only token holder.

After entering my password, it will error out and say the following:

"There was a problem enabling FV on your computer. You should use system preferences security & privacy to view or change filevault."

There is no mention in the logs about filevault (that I can see) when I do get logged back into my machine, but when I go to system prefs and select to enable FileVault from there, it will prompt me with two choices. Store the recovery key at the above location (which is the JAMF server) or do not store the recovery key.

When I select to store it on the JAMF server, it will error out and then present me with the following message:

"Authentication server failed to complete the requested operation"

I've used this config profile on a couple of machines, successfully, but have had this message on a couple of them, including my own. Again, nothing in the logs that I'm seeing and was wondering if anyone had any insight into this issue I'm having.

Thank you in advanced.


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How is your account set up? Is it a "mobile" AD account or is it a 100% local account? If it is mobile, it is a possibility that when you changed your password, it didnt sync with the filevault token.