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I seem to be having an issue with printing in Big Sur in our labs. We have AD printers and I have always set them up using lpadmin. Since upgrading to Big Sur, The only ones that can print, or the ones that log into the Macintosh and are admins on th...
I've tried several different ways of uploading the Adobe apps, from wrapping the pkg in a dmg and using the script provided by Jamf to install from a dmg. I've tried uploading the package through Jamf Admin and letting it zip up the package. I've zip...
Hi all! The last thread I saw on the Azure integration was dated 11/2020 and that it would be ready at the end of that year. Is there an update to that roll out or did I miss it? thanks!
Hello! I have found where you can have a report emailed to someone, automatically, but was wondering about doing a nightly feed to a location on a server, automatically, instead of using an email address. Thanks!
So I can run this from Self Serve, and it runs flawlessly. rsync -rltgoD --progress --no-p --delete --cvs-exclude /Users/"$loggedInUser"/Documents /Volumes/dfs/"$adOU/"$loggedInUser/Mac_Documents If I try to run it at login, it errors out with: "/Use...