FIleVault Key is Unknown M2 Mac

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Hello Everyone, i have a Problem with 2 Devices, one of them ist with the new M2 Chip and the other One is an Intel Mac. Both of them show me that in jamf:  Personal Recovery Key Validation:Unknown

But FileVault 2 Partition Encryption State:Encrypted.

I am able to see the Personal Recovery Key in terminal but there is a Problem with the transfer to Jamf. Ihad tried with jamf recon but nothink happens. Can anyone help please.


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Decrypt and encrypt again. 

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On one of the systems, run a policy with the Disk Encryption payload and the Action set to "Issue new Recovery Key", and the Recovery Key type as "Individual".  As long as your initial FileVault profile/policy was set to send the keys to Jamf Pro, it should issue and escrow a new key.

There's also a Jamf script that uses the Jamf Helper to prompt the user for their password and then creates a new recovery key.  Check the script at and modify for your needs.  It should still work on Apple Silicon.

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Thank you Very Much, i had tried it on the Device directly with two commands:
sudo fdesetup changerecovery -personal

and then Sudo jamf recon, it works :) 

Also, if possible help me with that; I've tried those 2 commands, runs good, I could see the RecoveryKey on terminal but still showing as unknown on Jamf

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i have another question, we also have a hidden Admin Account, whwhich is created during the enrollment, by some Users, i see the Admin Account as FileVault User, how can i change thhis easily ? 

Hey, can you explain how to create this hidden Admin Account?

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Hi.. In the prestage..go to 'account settings'   there is a checkbox " Hide managed administrator account in Users & Groups"