FileVault Sync PWD User AD High Sierra

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Hello ,

I've got an issue with Filevault and my AD users account.

We've a policy about the expired time password for my AD users enable on Filevault ,

On High Sierra the command line : "fdesetup sync" is not working because is an APFS Volumes for sync AD password with my AD Filevault users.

Someone know an other solution for this ?

They are on MBA and not all time with a network , we have to open a local admin session because their Encrypt session need the older password and sometime they don't know him.

If someone have an idea about this.



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I'm getting the same messages as you are. "This command is not supported on APFS volumes." I would also be interested in how to do it with APFS.
(We only have local Admin Accounts and none AD Accounts)

Thanks :)

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This should be fixed on 10.13.3 and will not sync properly once the machine can connect with ad and the user has logged in with the new password.

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I am having the same issue. Changed password restart or logout. I have to login first with old password then with AD Credentials

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I have a tester Mac running 10.13.3 and it still takes days or weeks for the password to sync up.

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For those searching around this topic, here are some more recent experiences/thoughts.

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sudo diskutil apfs changePassphrase <your APFS volume, like: disk1s1> -user <the Disk User cryptographic UUID, like: 12345678-1234-1234-1234567890AB>

Will change the FV2 password, but requires you to know the users old password and their new one. I'm working on a Self Service Script to allow users to do this on their own as it has worked for us across the board when both passwords are known to the user.

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We are using the following script for users to enable FV via Self Service, I found it on here from another member (sorry I don't remember who). It also works to update the FV password after an external AD password change.

# This script is intended to be used with JAMF Self Service. It will enable SecureToken for the currently logged in user account
# and either add it to the list of to FileVault enabled users or enable FileVault using a Personal Recovery Key.

# Your policy must include script parameters for a SecureToken enabled administrator username and password. For more information
# on using script parameters, please see


# Uses AppleScript to prompt the currently logged in user for their account password.
userPassword1=$(/usr/bin/osascript <<EOT
tell application "System Events"
display dialog "Please enter your login password:" default answer "" buttons {"Continue"} default button 1 with hidden answer
if button returned of result is "Continue" then
set pwd to text returned of result
return pwd
end if
end tell

# Enables SecureToken for the currently logged in user account.
enableSecureToken() {
    sudo sysadminctl -adminUser $adminUser -adminPassword $adminPassword -secureTokenOn $userName1 -password $userPassword1

# Creates a PLIST containing the necessary administrator and user credentials.
createPlist() {
    echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
    <plist version="1.0">
    </plist>' > /private/tmp/userToAdd.plist

# Adds the currently logged in user to the list of FileVault enabled users.
addUser() {
    sudo fdesetup add -i < /private/tmp/userToAdd.plist

# Enables FileVault using a Personal Recovery Key.
enableFileVault() {
    sudo fdesetup enable -inputplist < /private/tmp/userToAdd.plist

# SecureToken enabled users are automatically added to the list of Filevault enabled users when FileVault first is enabled.
# Removes the specified user(s) from the list of FileVault enabled users.
removeUser() {
    sudo fdesetup remove -user $adminUser
    sudo fdesetup remove -user $userName2

# Update the preboot role volume's subject directory.
updatePreboot() {
    diskutil apfs updatePreboot /

# Deletes the PLIST containing the administrator and user credentials.
cleanUp() {
    rm /private/tmp/userToAdd.plist


if [ "$(sudo fdesetup status | head -1)" == "FileVault is On." ]; then
    #removeUser     # We do not want to remove users at this time

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The part of that script that is syncing the user password to the crypto account password is:

diskutil apfs updatePreboot /

In my testing that does work sometimes (I really can't say what causes it to either work or not), but I've only had 100% success with the changepassphrase command. But in many cases I have seen updatePreboot work as well.

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@hkabik Without specifying the new user password, the updatePreboot command does not work. I'm using one script/policy to enable FV and to update the FV password.