Find My iPad Features

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Does anybody have any solutions that have the same features as Find My iPhone? We need to be able find the location of our iPads based on the iPads location services, play a sound, send a message, and set a new passcode....preferable all in JAMF.



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I'm wondering the same. I enrolled a few devices in Meraki's Systems Manager and can get somewhat accurate map data, however it doesn't appear that I can have a device enrolled with both Meraki & JAMF. Even though the number of iPads I manage is small, I can't go around and touch each one and connect to iCloud. As much as it pains me to say this I'm thinking I may just abandon JAMF for MDM. I keep thinking I'm missing something obvious...

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I think you are going to be disappointed with pretty much all iOS MDM providers... Apple only lets MDM providers do so much with iOS, and the features which you want are not available to any MDM provider as of yet. Blame Apple, I know I do.