Find the current location of user via scripting

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We are looking to group users by the geo location when deploying nessus so our Security team have an idea what geolocation is user located in.


For a snippet i am trying where using date +%Z command, I grab the time zone and then assign the EDT to a variable if user is in EDT but when there is a change, I have to account for EST as well. This would mean bunch of variables containing bunch of timezones for all geolocations for grouping.


Another method was to use sudo fdesetup -gettimezone  and do a cross check of user is in America/ New York, assign to US group etc.


I want ask if anyone knows a builtin mechanism which just grabs the country of the geolocation that I can cross check against. I would like to avoid installing things like whereami etc on our machines


Thank you.


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