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Hi, Is there a plist or config I can manually push to devices that allows me to defer an update for more than 90 days? When Apple releases a new major OS, we typically wait until they are in the 14.3.or 14.4 version since I started working in a compa...
I am new to Jamf Pro API and I am diving into more and more automations. Can someone help me with how i would go about to updating multiple computer assignments for a static group by using computer names. If you have a working script, please assist. ...
Hi folks, Can someone help me with an EA that can collect information on if someone is logged into iMessage? Thank you,
This has been an ongoing issue for months with no resolution and posting here to so if anyone knows a resolution. We know that this happens after updating from outdated OS to new version. we have tried turning off FDE, no installing AV at all, networ...
Hi, Recently, ExpressVPN announced that that are EOL L2TP end of this month. Does anyone know how to package the desktop app with activation code for mass deploy via jamf pro. When i use composer, its not getting signed