finding all the admin accounts

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I am rolling out Casper and I want find all the local admin accounts on every computers, and generate a monthly report on them.

But I did not see local accounts as a criteria to search by.

I there a way to accomplish this? Or is this a feature request?

Peace, Tim Kendall


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I do this by dummy receipt policy to catch hackers making their accounts admin.

I do it via a shell script and a custom trigger policy...

Then you can just look at the policy receipts. Do note that the second script has a syntax error due to the geshi syntax highlighter not liking reserved HTML characters


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I think your solution will work for me with some modifications.

I would still like a Casper native solution though so I am going submit a feature request.

Thank you, Tim

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There is a custom report in the Resource Kit called ShowAllUsers. I imagine
it wouldn't take much to modify it to only show users that are admins. I
haven't tried to modify one of their JSPs before so I won't attempt to.
Don't know JSP, but maybe if I get bored tonight...

JAMF may be willing to help here. Sounds a lot better than trying to work
with dummy receipts when the data is already in the JSS.

Craig E