Firefox - Get "about:config" values

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I did some modification on Firefox about:config for the values "network.negotiate-auth.delegation-uris" and "network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris" and deployed on all Macs thru a CCK2 profile but It seems that those modifications have not been set on some macs .
Is it possible to get back about:config informations thru a script ?



I haven’t heard of a way but the values are set by JavaScript, so you may be able to do something with that, somehow.

Do you know if the Macs that got the update had existing user profiles for Firefox? Had Firefox been quit and relaunched after the update?

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It can be pulled from the prefs.js file, but that lives inside each individual user's Firefox profile folder, which is randomly named.

You'd have to create a script that looks for a Firefox profile folder in each user's home directory and then reads the values you want from the prefs.js file and puts that into an Extension Attribute.