First Chicago JAMF Nation User group meeting May 12th at 4:40pm

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Hello JAMF Nation! We are finally starting a Chicago metro area user group! The details are below and YOU MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE on eventbrite. Due to the security requirements at the venue I must submit a list of full names. Hope to see you there!!!

JAMF Nation User Group Link

Start Date/Time: Thursday, May 12th 4:30 PM
End Date/Time: Thursday, May 12th 6:30 PM

Location: Apple Executive Briefing/Training Center
225 West Wacker Dr, Suite 1700
Chicago, IL 60606

Description: Please join us for the first inaugural Chicago metro JAMF Nation User Group meeting! The goal is to discuss challenges and to collaborate with the group on how to solve through through best practices and your peer’s experiences. There will be JAMF and Apple Engineers in attendance to answer questions just in case! Casper Suite Administrators of all skill levels and focus are invited. Pizza and beverages will be served.

Please ensure you RSVP here through EventBrite, as an attendance list is required in order to gain entrance to the building where the Apple office is located.

Parking/Metro: The office is located very close to Clark/Lake stop for most trains, and State/Lake for redline. There is a parking garage on site but its a bit pricier than some other garages within a few blocks radius. More info on parking and the building: Welcome to 225 W Wacker's Tenant® Portal


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OOPS its 4:30 people not 4:40 sorry for the typo in the title!

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Getting into the city is difficult enough for those of us that don't live there, getting in @ rush hour makes it next to impossible.

Earlier in the day, or not in the city at all would be helpful.

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Make a day of it @jwojda! Find a group in your neck of the woods to meet-up before and ride the train in together/carpool

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I gotta pick the kids up @ 4:00p from day care, wife works till 5p, works an hour away, and her boss is rather inflexible despite the nights and weekends she has to put in. Also, both sides of our family live out of state.

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There really is no where in Chicago that is a good place at 4:30. Rush hour traffic is bad all over. At least it is close to a train stop. Looking forward to this.

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@RogerUL Roger, thank you for taking care of organizing the meeting! I can't wait to meet everybody

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@RogerUL - I apologize, but despite initially RSVP'ing, some major deadlines have snuck up, and I will not be able to attend this evening. Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope I can make it to the next one!