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I am trying to read a plist from the recovery partition on my lab machines specifically the ProductVersion Key value from I have tried defaults read and all I get is plist does not exist. I am trying to cre...
I am working on a lab image for the university and on our windows image we have an icon on the desktop that just logs out the current user. How can I do this on the mac without admin rights? Automator? Applescripts?
Hey JamfNation I am hoping someone can assist me here. We are using the jamf command setcomputername fromfile and I have a csv with 400+ entries of serials and computer names. I have uploaded the file to a webserver running iis7 and use curl -O https...
Hey everyone got a dockfixup question for you all. Is there anyway to prevent the system from adding photos,Maps,ibooks,and siri to the dock on profile creation? We used to use dockutil to set the dock on login and this works still but its also addin...
Hey JamfNationI am having trouble getting jamfhelper to run full screen during DEP enrollment. What I would like to do is have jamfhelper launch full screen right after the setting up your system dialog closes and it goes to a login screen. I have ad...