FIXED: Tomcat 8 Will Not Launch After JRE Update

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Ran into this issue and thought I'd share the solution, as I couldn't find anything on here about a fix. After applying a Java update to my Windows 2012 Server running my JSS, I was unable to restart the underlying Apache Tomcat 8 instance, and could tell from the logs that it was trying to start it's JVM environment in the wrong version of the JRE. There's nothing in the Jamf Pro docs about this scenario, so I did a bit of sleuthing and found this blog post for a completely different product that pointed me in the right direction:

I replaced Tomcat 7 with Tomcat 8 and got where I needed to go:

C:Program FilesJSSTomcatin omcat8w.exe

Update the path under "Java Virtual Machine" and the restart Tomcat in Services Manager.


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Good post! Here's an older similar post:
It would be nice if we could combine and collapse postings to the latest info.


Thank you for this post! I just ran Windows Server updates and updated Java for the first time since since moving to a Windows Server VM for JSS services and this got me back up and running. And I'm with you OP, kinda odd that this isn't referenced anywhere in the official documentation, at least that I could find.

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