Flash Player update

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Adobe Flash Player is a cross-platform, browser-based application runtime that provides uncompromised viewing of expressive applications, content, and videos across browsers and operating systems.

Version Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

OS X 10.6 or later
Browser compatibility:
Safari 5.0 or later
Mozilla Firefox 17.0 or later
Google Chrome
Opera 11 or later


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Direct download links, if you have completed Adobe's license agreement for internal distribution:


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(I think you're not supposed to post that link...)

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If you start Googling "Flash Player" you'll see one of the first suggested searches includes "distribution3", so...

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1) You're really not supposed to post that link ...
2) Oh no, not again ...

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Loving autopkg again.


No security alert send out as of 1:30pm EST, anyone know what it fixes?

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@chris.kemp edited my post for better language. If Adobe were serious, they'd password protect that site, etc etc.


Anybody else getting the installer when you download the Sys Admin version of the installer? Installer for individuals is

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I got when selecting the "for sys admins" link.

Maybe you still had the .70 version in your downloads folder from last week :)

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Ran into a pretty strange issue with this updated Flash just today. I was on a Mac running Mavericks that had an older version and it was prompted to install the new version. I went through the process as a regular "end user" and got an installer pulled down and went on.
Everything was going along fine except that I got a pop up asking me to close 2 applications to continue. The first one made sense, Safari was still running, so I quit that. The second one had me scratching my head. The installer was asking me to "quit" cfprefsd. Huh?? I was a bit stumped, because, although I'm well aware what cfprefsd is, I don't know of a way to quit it permanently, nor would any regular Joe user. I mean I suppose I could have tried disabling some of the Daemons that control it, but there should never be a need to do that to install FlashPlayer or anything else.

So I ran a killall cfprefsd and had it try again, but no matter what I did I couldn't get it past that.
I finally had to do a full reboot of the Mac, After it came back up, the installer went through just fine. But it was pretty bizarre. I have no idea why the installer was getting hung up on something like cfprefsd.

A quick Google brought up a couple of threads of people having similar issues, but looks like its been an issue for awhile now on Mavericks and the FlashPlayer installer. Stupid Adobe installers.


Weird... I had to connect outside of our org to get the newer version. Must be getting cached by our proxy or something.

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Related question on autopkg + Flash: anyone using a custom recipe or otherwise to kick off package flattening or customized installers for Flash through autopkg?

I've been reviewing the autopkg wiki, see the custom recipe overview, but cannot determine if it's possible to merge the official Adobe install with additional elements, like postinstall scripts or the mms.cfg file I use to ensure clients are auto-updating Flash.

Anyone tweaking their autopkg installer runs like this (in Flash or other apps)?

Update: appears this may not be possible given current autopkg parameters (?):


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We have a separate mms flash package that gets installed at image time with our flash prefs in it

I use autopkg and manually download each flash update (monthly I download through autopkg the 3rd party apps we patch with one terminal command), but I just rename Flash as is and push it via casper as is.

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Thanks @CasperSally. That was my plan B and may make more sense given the frequency of recent Flash updates, but I still need to flatten them before upload the my Casper DP. Here's my current workflow:

  1. Use Sean Kaiser's timed launchd to auto update my standard SW builds every day, which notify me by email if there are any new updates: http://seankaiser.com/blog/2013/12/16/autopkg-change-notifications
  2. On new installers, Right-click on said PKG and flatten via Greg Neagle's flatpkgfixer.py called by a custom Automator Service
  3. Upload package to JSS via Casper Admin

This works, but is not quite as streamlined as I'd like. And given @Banks promising autopkg JSS importer, I'm looking to be ready to leverage autopkg's stacked recipe possibilities to ensure installers are buffed and polished for JSS import from the get-go (let alone ensuring audit able, standardized package workflow).