Force iOS Update Strategy Needs Frequent Update Inventory


I am attempting to get all of our student iPads running iOS 11.2.5, and we all know the problems/limitations of the Update OS command on iOS.

My idea was to "gently nudge" students into doing the update by:
1. Create a SmartGroup that finds student iPads that are not running iOS 11.2.5
2. Use this SmartGroup to set the iPad's Wallpaper to an image that tells them to update their iPad
3. Use the SmartGroup as a Configuration Profile's scope to deliver a Only Allow the Settings App payload

Since now the iPad is fairly useless, hopefully the student will be "encouraged" to update their iPad.

The problem with this strategy is that after the iPad's OS is updated, it will stay in this restricted state because the JSS hasn't performed an Update Inventory, and so it remains in the SmartGroup.

Is there a way that we could send out the Update Inventory command to devices in this SmartGroup on a frequent interval, say every 10 minutes?

Would this have a negative impact on the JSS (I don't think it would, because the Inventory Update commands don't seem to pile up on top of each other, and if they aren't run, they aren't storing any data in the database).


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@joelande Please turn this into a Feature Request and post the link here for upvoting? The OSUpdates command that goes last to see if it updated should implement the Update Inventory to update the DB record