Force Safari Private Mode on iPad

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Hi All, has anyone been able to force private mode for Safari/WebClips (non-full screen)? I also checked new profile settings in Apple Configurator 2 and found nothing. We need to perform purchase transactions but don't want to retain any shopping cart/personal information from previous sessions. I know we're not on the latest JSS version, but will upgrade if this is fixed.

iOS 9.3.2
JSS 9.9
AC2 2.2.1


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I also would like to know about this. I have a request for locking Safari into private mode.

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Not possible, as far as I know. Users can opt to not be in private mode at any time. However, if you enable web filtering and chose to block adult content, that also removes the possibility of clearing web browsing history, and disables the possibility of using private mode. So, the exact opposite of what you need...

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This is a very old topic, but it seems like nothing has changed and it's still not possible. I'd love to set private mode on a domain-basis either in Safari in general, or in a WebClip if the former is not possible.