Forced deprecation of Jamf Remote


Say what you will about Jamf Remote, but I found it quite useful for support. It let me keep screen sharing disabled to meet compliance, while still allowing me to use it when I needed it.

I still have the app from its last version, however after upgrading my Jamf Pro server I'm now getting "This account does not have privileges in the Jamf Pro Server to use Jamf Remote". Of course, the option to give myself privileges is no longer available in the GUI.

I'm wondering if maybe I can modify my database directly to add the Jamf Remote permissions flag back to my account. Has anyone else done this? Or at least, does anyone know what that database entry might look like?


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I was wondering about this too and briefly looked into it. Checking user_roles privilege from Jamf Pro 10.41.0, I have the following related to Jamf Remote:


Use Casper Remote
Install/Uninstall Software Remotely
Run Scripts Remotely
Map Printers Remotely
Add Dock Items Remotely
Manage Local User Accounts Remotely
Change Management Account Remotely
Bind to Active Directory Remotely
Set Open Firmware/EFI Passwords Remotely
Reboot Computers Remotely
Perform Maintenance Tasks Remotely
Search for Files/Processes Remotely
Enable Disk Encryption Configurations Remotely
Screen Share with Remote Computers
Screen Share with Remote Computers Without Asking

I haven't checked anything other than that table and have not tested anything. If you try to add these items back to your account, please use a test environment first.




I'm getting this same **bleep** permission error.  When I go to JAMF Pro and download the apps, it's no longer listed.  I just opened a support ticket.   It wasn't used frequently, but it was useful when it was used.

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Any updates? Is it gone gone?