ForeScout agent deployment - Script

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Hey, So, after lots of tests and struggling with new ways to migrate DMG file to PKG I found that none of them really works and the agent never starts and works properly...

I found this script (don't remember where) and this solved my issue!



Downloading OSX Update Package to /tmp on the host

curl -o /tmp/update.tgz http://YOUR_SERVER_NAME_OR_IP/SC_packages/update.tgz; sleep 3

Extracting update.tgz to /tmp

tar -zxvf /tmp/update.tgz -C /tmp; sleep 3

Installing SecureConnector as a Daemon/Dissolvable w/ visible/invisible menu bar icon

sudo -S /tmp/Update/ -t daemon -v 1; sleep 3

Checking/Starting processes in case they did not start on install

daemon_pid=ps auxww | grep -v grep | egrep "ForeScout SecureConnector.-daemon" | awk '{print $2}'
agent_pid=ps auxww | grep -v grep | egrep "ForeScout SecureConnector.-agent" | awk '{print $2}'

if [[ -z "$daemon_pid" && -z "$agent_pid" ]]; then #Starting Daemon process launchctl unload $daemon_plist launchctl load $daemon_plist

Starting GUI process launchctl unload $agent_plist launchctl load $agent_plist

elif [[ ! -z "$daemon_pid" && -z "$agent_pid" ]]; then #Starting GUI process launchctl unload $agent_plist launchctl load $agent_plist

Clean-up a little

sudo rm -rf /tmp/update.tgz /tmp/Update/
I hope this will help the other guys that having the same issue as I had :) Cheers!