Fresh install of 10.11.5 + Server 5.1.5 (15S7047) + jss from CasperSuite9.92.1466020067 adds extra ssl site

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Hello all,

I tried rebuilding one of our cluster JSS servers from scratch. It is connected to our JSS master which is running Mac OS X 10.10.5 and the JSS from CasperSuite9.92.1466020067. On the cluster server I Initialized the drive, installed 10.11.5, checked for updates, installed mysql+ java 8 (all okay there so far as we could tell), then installed Server 5.1.5 (15S7047). I successfully configured server to display the directory listing of the /CasperShare directory via http and https (ports 80 and 443).

Finally, I installed the JSS using the JSS installer from the CasperSuite9.92.1466020067.dmg and mysterious events occurred. The installer accurately commented out the #listen 8443 line of the /Library/Server/Web/Config/Proxy/apache_serviceproxy.conf file as it said it would, BUT it also added an additional (2nd) https : 443 site - visible in the - which could not be deleted. Moreover, I could not load the jss login page in the browser - it merely redirected me to the default website. I also lost the directory listing of the /CasperShare directory from both http and https giving me a page not found error.

Has anyone run into this type of situation during a fresh install like this? If so, any ideas on fixing it would be gratefully received.

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i just edited both instances of 8443, reboot the Mac, restarted the server app.

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I have the same issue and it continues to happen when any security patches or updates are applied. The only way I found to fix it, is to move the Server.App out from the "Applications" folder, which will stop all Server Services. Then go into /Library/Server and delete the "Web" folder. Then move the Server.App back into the applications folder, open it back up which will regenerate the "web" folder. Then you just need to edit the "8443" line out. Your "Web" Services will be back to normal.