FV Locking users out

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We've been experiencing an increasing number of users reporting that when they power on/reboot their machines, FV does not take their passwords and eventually locks them out, requiring them to reset their PW with the recovery key... or in nearly every case, bring the machine back into the office and have IT delete and reset their SecureToken...

As best I can tell, there's nothing that specifically happens to the devices (no major jamf policies run against the machine, none of the accounts are expired/locked out, etc).

I did have one person, who had repeated issues (daily) with FV locking out their accounts, say that he would be on VPN and forget to log out and eventually the machine would go to sleep, after that he would have issues getting back into the machine from screen saver and eventually would log out and find that FV was saying his account was locked again.

I haven't been able to confirm with any of the other users to a similar situation.


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Yup... seems like FV is working about as well as it ever has! This has been a long outstanding issue, especially on AD bound computers.