GarageBand 10 and Extra Content

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Has anyone found a way to distribute GarageBand to non-admin users so that they don't get prompted for admin credentials to install extra content? Seems no matter how much i bundle in an extra content dmg, GarageBand finds something else to download. I've installed the MAContent10_GarageBandCoreContent.pkg and used Composer to capture other things, like /Library/Audio/, /Library/Application Support/Logic/, and other directories.


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I am going to point you in the direction of this Jamf Nation post.

What I have taken to doing is monitoring the directory discussed that contains all the packages in the App Store that get downloaded. I capture each one from the GarageBand app itself to the extra content that comes down when you first launch GarageBand to the additional content that you can unlock for GarageBand. All of it comes from the App Store. My advice to you is to capture each and every pkg that comes down as part of that using the technique in the above post.

Also another tip...when you do it on a "bang around" machine...capture it all and then push all the resulting packages to your clients.

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Hey guys,
For iLife and iWork apps - dragging the .App into Composer seems to work well for most apps except Garageband.
We usually delete [_MASReceipts]. This works fine for most AppStore apps. However Garageband v.10.0.2 doesn't like it. Error: "damaged and can't be opened".

If I keep [_MASReceipts] in the app bundle, Garageband opens fine. However I'm still having trouble getting the additional content. Did you guys find the additional content?

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Hi I use for getting the content
installing is covered here: