Gather AD name and plug in to JSS

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Few years ago when we first jumped in the Casper pool, someone shared with us a script to gather user's name, real name and department info from AD and then run recon to plug the info in to JSS.
Now we can't get consistent results from it. We used it to gather shortname, real name and department. Then it would run recon to plug the info in to JSS.
Is JAMF still not supporting this?

Anyone willing to share what scripts you may be using?

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I don't have AD but all you need to do is use dscl or dseditgroup to
get the members of that group and then add it via recon or add it as an
extension attribute

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Recon used to support additional switches way back (v5).

This has since changed.

I had a script that would query the AD the put into the jss.

I'll see if I can find it tomorrow. But it will be in the archives.