General questions getting JAMF Pro up and running

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I'm new here and I hope I post my question correct. I would like to find answers to some questions I have. If I'm wrong here, please be gentle anyways. Thanks!

We have about 35 Macbooks already in the wild and now we want to get JAMF Pro up and running. In addition we got now OKTA in place. Now my questions are coming and I would like to know if somebody here can answer or at least point in the right direction.

What we got:

- JAMF Pro instance up and running
- Apple business manager up and running and DEP enabled
- some devices will need user initiated enrollment because they was purchased before we "enabled" DEP
- Apple push certificate is already configured
- OKTA LDAP added
- SMTP enabled and can send emails

My questions are now:

- what happens when we start user initiated enrollment with the already existing accounts on the Macbooks ?
- when we use OKTA it gives us email ( ) address as local login - could this lead to any issues later? Is it better to use another naming scheme?
- when we force password policy - what happens to the passwords the user set already? Do they get "just" a notification they have to change their password to apply to the pushed policy?
- any general notes I should consider before I start the configuration of JAMF Pro?
- what would be the best way to enroll the devices which are already out? For sure in some steps, but any guidance here is very welcome.



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Hi there,

Could you please reach out to the Customer Success team via an Email to We will happily work with you on this to answer your open questions and make sure you have got a good start!