Getting devices out of Jamf

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Anybody know how to get your devices out of this program. Down 2 months and getting no where. Ready to move on to another mdm but can't get my devices out of JAMF because we can't access the program.


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Not sure what issues you are having with JAMF, I've used many MDM's over the years and JAMF is one of the good one's.

By your message I take it you did a trial and it's expired so you've lost access?

I would raise a support ticket with JAMF and they should be able to sort out access again.

No we have been loyal to JAMF for 6 years. Our system crashed in November and they have not been able to get it up and working so we have not been able to do anything with it for 2 months. Very frustrated at this point.


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When you enrolled the devices in Jamf did you set the MDM to removable or not? If the MDM profile was set to be removable, you can easily remove the Jamf framework and then if the devices are in Apple School/Business Manager point the devices to your new MDM and then enroll them in there. If the profile wasn't set as removable it will be much more difficult to accomplish the task. Is your Jamf Pro instance on-premise or a cloud instance and what MDM are you switching to @rsmithson?

Was this OnPrem Jamf or Cloud ?

It is on Premises.

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We have left JAMF after a very long and not helpful process of four months that did not result in a working program. Just received a very rude call from a JAMF sales person. Confirmation that we made the right decision. Unfortunately not the company we started with years ago.