Global Protect HIP Checking for Jamf Pro Agent or Process / Plist

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Hi All

I am having difficulties with HIP testing from Global protect to detect for Jamf Pro on Macintosh devices. We use the Cloud based Jamf Pro and the only options for HIP Objects for this is either for a plist or Process. Plist is out of the question (Unless someone can hopefully prove me wrong) and the issue with the process that the binary that is on the Macs is under /usr/local/bin/jamfAgent.     This does not actually appear as a running process but as a file path (in a hidden directory) so GP HIP can not identify it. Has anyone had any experiences with this please who can advise me how they overcame it. 


If anyone also knows the actual physical running active process that is running when Jamf is installed, I could use that although I can't see anything in Activity Monitor as believe it may use the MDM process or something similar.

Many thanks



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@stuartbond2002 JamfDaemon is the persistent process for Jamf Pro (you need to have the View for Activity Monitor set to All Processes instead of the default My Processes).

What version of GlobalProtect are you running? Having errors in the HIP Check system seems to be one of the most common things listed in the GP release notes, so you might want to make sure you're using the latest release if you aren't already.

sdagley. Worked like a treat! Really appreciated, Many thanks (Gp version 6.2)