GlobalProtect - stop auto connection

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Hey.. Does anyone know how to stop GlobalProtect from autoconnecting to VPN?

Our clients authenticate through Google, so each time you boot up, GP is auto connecting and it throws up a big sign-into Google window and it's quite annoying.

Maybe a plist setting?




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I was unable to stop the auto connection. I tried for about 2 days.  : ) 

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I think there is code to stop auto-connection, however, it has to be connected to enable and configure from the server-side I think. This was about two years ago so it could be different now : ) 

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Hi everyone, I found this site that mentions how to modify the launch agent.

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Not 100% sure that I tried exactly that configuration of the plist, I am 100% sure that I tried creating a plist before and after the install over the top of the one that gets installed by the GP and I sort of remember that it gets overwritten with one that was stored in the GP app. That said please don't let my bad memory stop anyone from trying  : ) 



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I think this needs to be done on the firewall level you need to allow user to disconnect that will stop auto connection.