Google Chrome Config: Incognito Mode Forced vs Limiting Settings

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Hi all,

I'm creating a Google Chrome configuration for managing settings on multiuser computers (that have many users every day using the same computer and account). I am looking for ways to disable logging into the Chrome browser, and (if possible) a method for removing browsing history/cookies/cached data, etc. upon closing the browser.

Right now, I'm using the iMazing Profile Editor to develop property lists for the settings. I have found many options for Chrome in iMazing for tweaking settings that will help, such as removing the ability to sign into the Google Chrome profile, and disabling autofill, etc.

Then, I found these options for setting "Incognito Mode Availability":

  • No Value
  • Incognito mode available
  • Incognito mode disabled
  • Incognito mode forced

Having incognito forced might give us all we need. A user can still sign into user accounts such as Gmail in incognito. Has anyone tried this before? Does using a forced incognito mode raise any red flags?

I'd like to duplicate these efforts for Firefox and for Safari if possible. I can see that those are available to edit on iMazing Profile Editor, but I don't yet know which options are available for configuring them.



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Is there any reason that you're not just using a Guest account?
That way all chrome data and sign-ins will be deleted when the user logs out

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Hi Mick,

That's a great question. We have some bookmarked site data that is used for administering exams that we want to retain if possible, and this is my first time configuring these browsers. I honestly didn't know about the Chrome guest account, so that's the primary reason.

I was able to make a mobileconfig profile that maintains the bookmarks in Chrome and Firefox, and which doesn't allow logging into Chrome profiles, doesn't save any user history, no syncing allowed, no autofills, no notification pop-ups. I hadn't realized I could manage those settings to such a degree; so far it's working well.

I'm going to keep the Guest Account option in the back pocket in case we run into any snags. Thanks for that!