Group vs Individual Device Wallpaper


I have a whole department that gets a standard wallpaper but I'd like the option to assign device specific wallpaper to devices within the department. If I have a wallpaper assigned to a group of devices and I try to assign a different wallpaper to a device within that group, would one take priority? Or if they are pushed by command, would the wallpaper simply toggle between the two when each push happens?


Honored Contributor

Wallpapers are controlled by Configuration Profiles in JAMF. To change the wallpaper you just need to change the configuration profile going to the device. 


If you the admin are making the change. Just make a group you put the device in that will exclude the device from the normal wallpaper configuration profile and target the new wallpaper configuration profile.


If you target a device with multiple configuration profiles with a wallpaper payload, your results will be random as it will cause conflicts and errors.