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I don't know about you, but my in-person conference skills need a brush-up. For me, it's been a little over three years since my last in-person. So here are some tips I've put together with some help from a few friends. If you are turning up on Monda...
So who else is presenting?This my second year. I'll be talking about my new tool `scriptorium` which allows you to easily edit, track changes and version your Jamf Pro scripts.
macos 10.15.3, jamf binary version 10.19 I am using the command /usr/local/bin/jamf createAccount -username "${name}" -realname "${name}" -password "${passwd}" -home /var/"${name}" -admin -hiddenUser It looks like it is working and I can see the user...
Recently we decided to use a config profile to place a user's group file share on the NoMAD share menu. The only way we could figure out was to have every group file share in the config and tell NoMAD to only show the shares for the groups for which ...
Installing JPS onto an Ubuntu 18.04 VM. I have found /etc/mysql/mysql.cnf but it only contains two include lines. I added innodb_buffer_pool_size=5500Minnodb_file_per_table=1 At the point mysql refused to start. Removing the lines allowed it to start...
Tony is currently Workplace Engineer (macOS) at a large Australian bank. With almost forty years in the industry he has had a myriad of roles including C programmer, Unix systems administrator, IT Manager, support specialist and Associate Editor of Australian Macworld.