HELP! Machines cant get to jamf due to profile, catch 22...

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Good afternoon!
I have a Proxy that pushed out to a good number of student machines that somehow had a weird space/symbol at the end that added " " to the end of the proxy. The machines still have internet (barely) but the machines are severly bogged down. Some internet does not work, IE it will not checkin, recon, self service ,etc..

I am stuck in a bit of a catch 22. The problem is this config profile, which can't be removed because JAMF marks all profiles as non removable. I have tried anything I can think of around scutil, profiles etc.. but the only solution I have yet to find is doing a jamf removeframework which would mean having to re-enroll them all...

Any thoughts, ideas, etc most appreciated.


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Hi @chrisdaggett ,
While the Jamf MDM Profile is non-removable to the user, the profiles that were deployed by Jamf via Jamf's Config Profile can be removed by clicking the delete.


The profile gets removed from all machine once they reach back out to Jamf (usually pretty fast).

Alternatively, if you need to correct a profile and you prefer to not delete it, you can edit it and then "Distribute to All Machines"


Machines will then show in the pending section until the updated config hits their machine.