help with scripts in policys


Hi Peps

I have a shell script which i can run as root and it runs fine, however when i run via policy it doesnt work, i persume this is because it is running as the logged in user / $computerName $userName

i persume this in the policy means run as the logged in user?

How do i go about changing that to run? or will a run at startup do this?


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Did you check box to run as root

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That box doesn't exist in 6.x.

I've run into issues where the login and logout hooked scripts aren't running as root, but the user...I believe. I found this out when trying to trigger packages to install at login on an AD bound machine. Instead of using the credentials provided in the script to mount my SMB share it would always take the logged on user, then fail since they didn't have rights (I don't have my shares global read).

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