smart group to restrict software

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I need to restrict certain applications to a specific small number of machines. I created a smart group and am manually adding in each computer by it's name. The problem I am running into is when i try to restrict software there seems to be no way to apply it to only one smart group. I am talking about maybe 50 to 60 machines out of 6,200, so I only need to apply it to this smart group period. I don't want to have to go in and check off every other group for exemptions. Is there anyway to restrict software and just apply it to one singular smart group instead of restricting it globally and then adding exempt groups?

I know I can accomplish this in WGM under managed preferences for each individual user, but I don't want to just rely on it. We are having some directory issues at the moment and WGM is kind of a giant pile of, well you know what I mean. Anyway, has anyone done this with restricted software and Casper?

thanks in advance

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