Help with understanding the iOS update process

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We run a fleet of 66 iPads, supervised, in single app mode, as room schedule displays. I have a few test iPads, and am having a lot of trouble running iOS updates.

Base config:

  1. profile to delay software updates
  2. profile to put them into single app mode
  3. ethernet powered+network

Every time there is an iOS update, it seems my old instructions never work consistently. #1 above is a newish addition.

The last time I updated a few iPads, this is what I did:

  1. Removed delay software update profile
  2. Removed iPads from single app mode
  3. Added iPads to a static group
  4. Pushed iOS install to iPads in that static group

I've scripted most of this so it isn't terribly annoying.

It seems the step to install does not always happen, and the step to download is also sometimes missed... requiring multiple iOS update commands. And if I don't take them out of single app mode before the update, you can't interact with the iPad to "continue" the setup assistant when the iPad reboots.

I've searched JAMF documentation and Apple's documentation but couldn't find anything that has recommended steps for pushing iOS updates out. Normally, I'd wait till the end of the term, but the 12.2 update fixes a MAJOR power bug and I really need to update them this week. I was hoping to find some documentation that I could start with - instead of my own process which must be flawed. Additionally, if I can leave profiles on the iPads, I'd prefer to do that.



I have no solution for you but mine does the same exact thing. We don't have single app mode but I did notice that the download/install is a hit and miss for us as well. We have a total of over 2000 iPads which I do the update per school not all at the same time cause I somehow though at first that it could be that the bandwidth was being used up entirely but that wasn't the case.


I also saw this, wondering if this is the reason all along.

PI-006745 In certain circumstances, Jamf Pro fails to send the Update iOS version remote command.