Help with VPP and Restricting App Store

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Hello fellow JAMFers. I am trying to configure our Mac clients and JSS for the following scenario
1. I did have a restricted software setting to fully restrict the App Store process so that users could not even launch the App Store, for any reason.
2. When i set up a VPP App and scope it to a machine and set it to "Make available in self service", this does not work, because it still will try to launch the App Store
3. So i removed the Restricted software policy, and then tried to set a configuration profile instead
4. In the configuration profile, I would like user's to only have access to App Store for installing VPP apps that have been scoped to them. I do not want them running software updates, purchasing apps, downloading free apps, or any other function of the App Store.
5. Does anyone have a recommended to achieve my goal of offering VPP apps via self service without using App Store for anything else?


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Technically, when using VPP via self service, it shouldn't need to go through app store. I've seen this happen when I run out of license. You should check that you have enough licenses and assign VPP account in Mac app store app.

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(sorry for bringing such old thread to live ;P)

But some apps like any O365 or Trello can't be managed with licence:


And it always lead to App Store ...
How to avoid it, as this is somehow in conflict with the Restrictions :|

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Bumping this as we are seeing the same. If we force an installation the app installs fine, however if we make it available in self service for install it attempts to invoke the app store (which we have restricted). Big Sur, latest build. jamf 10.28