History Button Blank (When Management History Is Not)

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Jamf Pro version: 10.30.3-t1624643096 (Jamf Pro cloud)


I'm curious if anyone else has seen this, when I check a device from inventory and click the History button in the bottom right (where Delete is located), it is blank:

History & Delete buttons in device inventory footerHistory & Delete buttons in device inventory footer

Blank History Button.png

However, when I click the History tab and look at the Management History, it has tons of history:

Management History.png

I can't find a description of that History button in the Jamf Pro Administrator's Guide or anywhere on the Community here, not sure if we are missing something?


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Is this for any computer record you view or just this one computer? Since that's part of the inventory collection I would check the Inventory Collection settings to make sure that's enabled as well the Check-In setting

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History is for edits to the record. So if you edit the owner of the machine, it'll show up in history