home screen layout blank after chosing iOS target operating system iOS (only) after upgrade JSS 9.101.0-t1504998263.

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we were upset to realize that our "complex" home screen layout was blank after having chosen iOS target operating system iOS (only). This only happened after having installed JSS 9.101.0-t1504998263.
Has anyone experienced similar effects after this upgrade or even by using Jamf 10?
Thanks for any assistance



Not sure what you mean by choosing iOS target operating system (assuming you're referring to how you're scoping?), but I had one configuration profile with Home Screen Layout payload which was wiped out after an upgrade from 9.98 to 9.101. We ended up re-creating the layout.

There's a product issue mentioned about this when upgrading to Jamf Pro 10.0.0 as well. I'm planning on using the API to download config profiles with Home Screen Layout payloads and re-uploading them after the upgrade.

[PI-004439] Upgrading from Jamf Pro 9.100 or later causes all configuration profiles that include the Home Screen Layout payload to deploy incorrectly. The Home Screen Layout payload is cleared and the content is not displayed on a device. Workaround: After the upgrade, configure the Home Screen Payload again and redeploy the configuration.