How are you managing Apple Classroom classes?

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We are currently setting up trial classes for Apple Classroom and I was just wondering how different people were managing their classroom set ups?

It seems pretty daunting having to go in and manually add students to every class since there is no way to make a smart user group based on data the JSS can't receive (eg. Class Lists). Am I missing an easy way to do this? It would be fantastic if our student management system integrated with Casper so we could easily group the students in each class but without that from what I can tell I will be adding each individual child into each class (unless the class so happens to fit a user group we have already made).

Hoping that someone may have some ideas / suggestions so I can work out if we have redundancies in our workflow.

Thanks so much for your input!



Although anything but easy, but it's a start.

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@kingscollege If you can get CSV files from your SIS you can upload them to Apple School Manager and then into Casper.