How can an icon/program be hidden in the menu bar?

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I am looking to add a program to my student computers- LANSchool Lite- but it offers an icon on the menu bar. Is there a way to hide that icon from kids?

Could this be an integrated option for all programs?


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Good question, we are getting ready to deploy a DLP agent that comes with a menulet, and the developer told us there was no option to hide it (my point being that they could if they wanted to as the developer, but there was no client-side solution available that we could find). If there is something we can do, I'd love to know as well.

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Can you hide it with a config profile?

We've got an example for the vpn menu item here:

You normally have to control the and specifically the menuExtras array that lists included items.

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OS X has different types of icons on the menu bars. Hold command down and click the icon. If it can be dragged, then it is a Menu Extra and can dragged off the menu bar, deleted from the computer, or controlled by a config profile. If you want to find it in the file system, look for a bundle ending in .menu in the Resources folder of the program providing the extra, or in /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/ . If the icon can't be dragged, it is a menu status bar item, and you're likely stuck with it, unless it is created by a secondary app that is not integral to whatever you want to run.

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Ill have to look in Config Profile... it would be nice to have an option when installing programs whether it needs to be hidden or not.

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It can be app dependent.

Some have nice menu items that can be blocked using the method that @davidacland pointed out.

Others, like Citrix, need a key set in their app's plist.