How can an iOS device lose Wi-Fi after being focused with Casper Focus?

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Hi everyone,

I've had a few cases today where students would come to me, saying that their teacher locked them with Casper Focus, but then they couldn't get unlocked, because their Wi-Fi was off. I was wondering how this could happen, seeing that the students aren't able to turn Wi-Fi off when in single app mode?


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We ran into this problem when testing Casper Focus in our environment. It's the main reason we never implemented it. Thankfully, Apple's Classroom doesn't rely on Wi-Fi to send the device commands.

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It's working really well all the time, it's just these few cases, as we try to understand them...We're gonna switch to using Classroom as well, but may need to resort to Casper Focus in cases where we want the students to be able to just use one website at a time (Classroom doesn't support that for now).

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Could it possibly have something to do with your IP address lease times? We had issues with our SonicWall log-ins timing out (when the devices weren't being used) and not being able to un-focus the device because we couldn't log in again.

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We also have this problem. Our filtering solution uses a VPN app that randomly drops WiFi. If the kid is Focused at that time it is a dead ipad. However, we did find that a soft-reset (holding the home and power buttons at the same time) usually will reconnect the Wifi after the reboot.

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We've had this occur when an iPad is re-booted while focused and has a passcode. If there is a passcode, the device will not re-connect to the WiFi until the passcode is re-entered, but that can't happen if it is focused so endless loop.

We've only been able to fix it by connecting it to a powered USB hub with an Apple USB Ethernet Adapter + Camera kit adapter so that it can receive the command to un-focus.

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I noticed this for the first time last week. The student was focused, but had not touched the iPad for a long time during class. The iPad lost WIFI as it sat idle.