How do you handle Jamf Connect Verify upgrades?


I guess all admins here that have a license for Jamf Connect Verify do update the software regularly.

Do you all experience these two things i have?
Users see 2 icons and need to restart (mac users never restart :( )
The upgraded version is not signed in, user won't notice and passwords are not in sync.


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So it's not the most elegant solution, but it does help us make sure that the Macs are rebooted at least once a month. We use Jamf patch management to do the software upgrade for Login & Verify. Then once the version is upgraded it adds the computer to a smart group that has a reboot script targeted to it that notifies the user they need to reboot to finish the software update.

We also have a report that tells us the last time a system is rebooted and if needed we can target that computer with a reboot script as well. We could automate that with smart groups but we haven't needed to do that yet.


How to tell if the computer is upgraded, but not yet rebooted?