how has 9.97 been?

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anybody made the plunge to 9.97 on Mac Servers? Anything fun or exciting? I saw some problems with Linux servers, but other than that I haven't seen anything posted in the forums..


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Not good! The release has been pulled (apparently) over an issue with institutional-Filevaulted machines not checking in correctly. There may be other issues at play.

I am very disappointed with JAMF's lack of communication over this issue. They haven't acknowledged it and they haven't reached out.

Installation-wise - the upgrade was like any other and we didn't encounter any glitches. We're on Linux (manual installer, Java 8, Tomcat 7, CentOS 7).

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Another broken release. Nothing new there but this is bad if they had to completely pull it.

Also, they never release info on what issues a release has. makes it exciting when you find one a month later and they say, "Oh ya, we know about that."

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There is an issue with machines encrypted with an institutional key prior to the 9.97 upgrade. We're seeing device communication and inventory display issues for institutional Filevault 2 encrypted machines..

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We have released a communication regarding the Jamf Pro 9.97 release and product issue here to consolidate the topic. We are working diligently on a solution. Please reference that discussion for future updates.

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@joe.bloom while I appreciate you starting a thread on JAMF Nation about the issue it falls way short of actually communicating the issue with your customers. I would expect an email from JAMF or a direct email communication from my TAM detailing the issue.

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Our group hasn't been as active as we could/should in the Beta program, however If the issue revolves around Institutional Keys we probably wouldn't have caught it since we don't use an Institutional Key.

We work closely with our TAM, and he gave us a heads up on an unrelated support call today, even though he knew we were postponing moving to 9.97 for at least another month.


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A fix has been released. Version 9.97.1482356336 We have installed it. Seemed to have resolved the issue.

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How has performance been with 9.97? 9.96 is slow for us, has that been improved in 9.97?

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We have found that the performance of 9.97 to be better than 9.96. And now with the 9.97.1482356336 release all seems to be fine thus far.